About Us

Underdog Media powers intelligent marketing.

Every Internet user is a consumer at some point. Underdog Media’s approach and technology define which user is a valid prospect for your business, where, and when.
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Founded in 2007 by Shayne Mihalka, Underdog Media has stayed true to the vision of powering Internet advertising solutions that increase the consumer base for advertising partners. At core of Shayne’s vision is the creation and continual evolution of Internet advertising technology.

“It is our job to build and manage advertising technology that provides solutions relevant to the marketers’ needs. This industry moves at a clip; we help move that needle everyday by listening to our clients and partners and evolving our approach to serve a smarter, more knowledgeable industry.”

Our proprietary Consumer Modeling Approach allows Underdog Media to define each consumer by gathering statistically relevant first-party data points to create relative proximities of a user’s mindset and intent.